The Design/Build process and what it can do for you consists of five steps:

First Contact

This would be the interview phase. What is the scope of your project? What life changes do you wish to achieve in doing this project? What is your budget? What are your needs, desires, wishes? How did you hear about us? Have you ever done anything like this before? What are your considerations? Would you like us to meet you at the project site and discuss our services while we assess the project? If you choose to move forward, we will arrange an appointment with all involved parties.

Second Cycle

Our estimator/design staff will meet at the project site and introduce you to our process. We will study the site, the structure, and the possibilities. When we establish our relationship we can move to a design agreement. These agreements vary with the size and the scope of your project. First and most important is drawing a site plan and as-builts. The building inspection division will require these for almost any type of permit. These documents will be in electronic template, pdf, or cad drawing files. This makes the bidding and permitting process, transferring documents by email to engineers and designers, and archiving very efficient and convenient. With these documents and jobsite data, we give rough investment budgets based on our experience, quality, and past projects.

Third Cycle

We meet at the project site with the existing plans, conceptual parameters, and the budget. If all items are agreeable, we move to the final design, material specifications, and contractual documents. Contractual documents consist of contract, job scope and description, cost breakdown, time and action schedule, payment schedule, certificates of insurance, and other appropriate documents for your type of project. When the drawings are ready, we submit for the building permit and finalize all remaining details to move to the construction phase.

Fourth Cycle

While waiting for the plan check process, our production staff(project managers, logistics, and owner) will meet with all involved parties at the project site to familiarize surroundings, staging areas, sensitive areas, storage, and all significant concerns of the owner and the builders. You will meet the full time project manger and all important contact locations and numbers are exchanged.

Final Cycle

During the course of construction, we will have had numerous conversations, emails and meetings. This interaction/feedback is the most important element of open communication during the project when the production staff goes into substantial completion. You will be asked to create a punch list and our production staff will do the same. We will combine the lists, complete the work, and get a final inspection. This punch list process gets all eyes on the project and all items get completed in an expedient, thorough manner. Our goal-Done right, on-time, on-budget, happy customers